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ROBOTS! MACHINES! -- Kid’s Drawing and Coloring Packs

ROBOTS! MACHINES! -- Kid’s Drawing and Coloring Packs

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As a mother, I have spent countless hours drawing things for my son to trace, cut out, copy or build. It takes a lot of effort and I found myself drawing cartoons over and over again! In an effort to streamline the process, I’ve put together some of our favorite drawings into downloadable packs for your kids to use in whatever way they may want!

Included is a handy “how to” sheet, as well as some photo examples of what some of our creative friends have used the sheets for! The sheets are rated 3 and up, and are simple enough to cut and tape together, copy or trace. All you need to do is download and print on your home computer. You will receive a download link within 24 hours of your purchase (usually faster), and you can print as many times as you’d like!

At this time we are collecting feedback and notes! So please dont hesitate to let me know what you think!

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