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Slow Clothes

OK ok ok ok ok PASSION PROJECT! 

So, as you know, I do a lot of textile work. It's always been my passion and has more or less been a hobby for a while. I have a secret instagram that outlines my year-long project of not buying new clothes. That's right, I know it's JUNE already, but I haven't bought new clothes in 6 months!! I wanted to up my sewing skills really badly, and revisit my pattern making skills (that I did a lot of in college, but haven't played a lot with since). The first few months of the year, I made a handful of tops from various patterns I found on pinterest. (I know they're not the best photos, but whatever...) 

Here's my collection of pinterest patterns I use. 

Here's my Ravelery page!

Disclaimer: I do thrift and trade for pieces... I was gifted a rad rain jacket this year, and have found most of my clogs and cardigans from some recent thrift trips. I think that's ok. 

WHY THOUGH? Why did I decide to try this project? Well, besides my deep need to be unique, I was working for an incredibly socially responsible company, but I was feeling a lot of pressure to conform to the general look by buying pieces I didn't need. Also, I wanted to create a well curated wardrobe that I could just throw on and not have to think about wether it matches or not. I also wanted to break my financial ties to trends, instead investing in things I know I will own for years to come, instead of cycling pieces back into Buffalo Exchange (or whatever), every six months. 

I'll keep updating as I make new pieces. Tell me about what you're working on!