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Other Pursuits!

Ok, so I want to share some stuff with you that, if you know me, you know I talk about this all the time. I am a HUGE proponent of having multiple projects running at the same time. 

As someone who has project ADD, I tend to get bored a few hours in to working on a project. In high school, I learned this tactic from my high school teacher, who was constantly working across multiple mediums. I try to keep up to four projects going at a time. I always carry a knitting project in my bag (for sitting and waiting time), a digital project going, a painting project (a theme or an idea), and generally a random house project going as well.

This variation lets me stick to my "Create everyday" practice, where I try to make one thing, regardless of what it is. Making creativity a daily practice has allowed me to explore so many different mediums and teach myself different tools that I've been wanting to learn or explore.

I am absolutely horrible at finishing projects and managing projects. I'll admit it. I get antsy, bored and distracted. It's something I'm working on, trust me. I make massive lists to keep me on track, but I have to say, having a handful of different projects helps me stay on track even more. 

I love painting. It's quick, it's smooth, it makes me feel like I've done something even if it only took 5 minutes. But oh, KNITTING. KNITTING is something I have been doing for the last 17 years. It kept me sane in high school, and continues to massage my brain in the best way. Lately I've been writing sweater patterns as I go, based on the fiber and color. It let's me explore the math-y side of creativity I crave, while giving my hands something to do, when they generally really just want to touch my phone. 

Above are some photos of weird knitting projects I've finished / am currently noodling on, so you can see the other fun stuff going on.