School to work. Work to live. Bike to work.


The balance between home life / school / working part time / maintaining a freelance career has been a bit jumbled, and only ever takes me a while to adjust to new schedules. 

But in between this and that and sometimes a long scurry on the two wheels, I've managed some glorified doodles. 

I DID get to partner with Patagonia on a poster for Belinda Baggs and her slide show / movie / talk at the three Patagonia surf stores (Cardiff, Santa Monica, and Bowery). I was beyond elated to meet Belinda, and we had an awesome time at the event. 

I have another show coming December 4th at Shaper's Studios (hopefully will squeeze in some work before then). Can't wait to share more as that unfolds!

Here's to sunshine, fun plants, and lots of coffee!