Cosmic Fruits!

So in between all the wonderful projects I get to work on for different people, I like to have several of my own going on. 

One of my most current projects, and I have to say, my favorite, is COSMIC FRUITS! It's (kind of) a kids book about fruit in space and how much fun it is to explore the cosmos. There's a myriad of made-up fruits and made-up creatures, with a few that may not be so child-appropriate. Below are some select photos from some of the pages. I'm about 10 pages into the book, and am projecting around 20. I have a pre-order page set up in my shop right now, for you to reserve your book when the printing is final at the end of august. 

I really hope you enjoy it, as I  think it is wildly funny, and it's totally ok to think that something you made is wildly funny. That's the point of art. To make stuff that makes you happy.